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Criteria For Establishing The Quality Of A Product

The criteria to establish the quality of a product or service are defined as the impression that the client has on its value. If the client believes that the company is helping her and already solves her needs, she could consider it of lesser or greater value.

The quality of the product or service is evaluated from the various phases within the production process. When measuring the product’s exclusivity, the evaluation instruments must be established within the different stages of production, since all this will influence the final result of the production.

Product quality guide

Indicators are the tools used to establish the value and quality of the products offered by the company. An example is, from the quality department of a company, it must establish its criteria to monitor the management process.

If the product’s value is not measured, the company cannot guarantee that the merchandise meets the needs of its consumers. It is important to control the processes for the competitiveness and positioning of the company.

These are some of the most important criteria to establish the quality of a product within the company:

Customer satisfaction

When the company manages to sell the products according to the established objectives, it means that the marketing department is working very well. But this will not guarantee that the customer is satisfied, the degree of conformity that the customers are giving to the product must be measured.

Knowing how they value it, what parts of the buying process should improve, what they like, and whatnot should be analyzed through post-sale surveys.


In the production processes, we determine the exclusivity of the product; through these, we attend to the durability of the materials used in the creation process. They can be distinguished as elements of great importance when pointing out the final product.


We know that safety is a value that specifies every product that involves some characteristic risk. The security rules that are implemented within the creative process and the degree of trust that the product brings to the customer will greatly influence the impression that will be given to the merchandise.

This is also related to the permanence of the product, another element that is essential to define quality.


Truthfulness is defined as the degree to which you can help solve consumer problems, effectively and easily. If the company offers good efficacy in its products, this is taken as an indicator of value.

It is essential to establish criteria that help tell the value of the product during the product creation process. Quality must be constantly measured using quantifiable tools with which you can have good control over what is being offered to the client.

You have to be very clear about how customers perceive the product. By establishing the quality criteria of a product, we will achieve good performance.

Tips for combining a physical and online store

The popularity of web shops makes it increasingly difficult for many retailers to survive. One strategy for staying afloat is to embrace this new form of shopping. How do you combine a physical store with a webshop?

Combine physical store and webshop

If you have a physical store and webshop, this is also called a ‘cross channel retail strategy’ in marketing terms. Your store is at the crossroads between two different sales channels.

A web store can figuratively open the door to your physical store, but the reverse is also true. If someone is looking for a laptop, he will initially look online for a certain brand and model.

Webshop strengthened

For example, if your customer finds a certain type of computer on your website , there is a chance that he or she will buy this product directly online. Some people will visit your physical store first to see the computer in person. In this way the two channels reinforce each other.

This process is also referred to as a channel switch. It mainly occurs when purchasing expensive products. Customers sometimes find it too risky to buy something valuable online.

Less large stock

If you run a successful webshop, there is a chance that you will soon need extra storage space. Many municipalities may only use a house for a maximum of 1/3 as business space . You then quickly store the stock at the physical store, so that you can also deliver quickly to online customers.

Better meet customer needs

In theory this may all sound logical, but in the end you have to put it into practice so that the customers actually come to your store (s). Above all, a webshop must be very clear and logical, a physical store must be inspiring.

Regardless of channel, these are the most important decision factors for a purchase:

  • The assortment of your store
  • The service
  • The ability to touch or adjust the products
  • The ease of accessibility and purchase
  • The availability of product information
  • The user experiences or recommendations

One of the most important factors that plays a role in a customer’s purchase choice is ease of use. Today’s consumer wants to be able to shop whenever he or she wants.

Customers with a lack of time

In addition, today’s consumer often suffers from a chronic lack of time. In addition to the busy working week, there is the family, the sports club (of the children), family days and other social obligations. It is up to you to meet the customers in this.

For example, by combining a physical store with a web store, it is quite easy to deliver products to people’s homes.

He just can’t come to the store on Sundays because he has to play his weekly round of golf. That doesn’t matter, because he can order the curtains on your website in the evening, which will be delivered a few days later. Free of charge, of course, you include the costs in the cost price.